Cory Clark
Name: Cory Clark
Nickname: Teeth
Position: Striker
Age: 35
Nationality: White English/British
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 68.5kg


Bio: Cory Clark is very well known in the Bristol football community, as well as his infamous dancing skills he is also known as a proven goal scorer. Having played at most levels within Bristol, Cory certainly knows his way round a football pitch. Cory is equally lethal with both feet and very skilful to go with it. In recent years Cory has been utilised in a slightly deeper role due to his ability to hold the ball up well. Cory will be hoping to continue his impressive record of being one of the clubs top goal scorers every year since the club formed in 2012.

Slowest Player Aaron Watts
Biggest Moaner Dan Meek/Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Matt House
Loudest Lewis Pearson
Worst Banter Ant Thomas
Most Skilful Nathan Stokes
Worst Habit Nathans Celebrations