Dan Meek
Name: Dan Meek
Nickname: Meekers
Position: Centre Back / Right Back
Age: 34
Nationality: English
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 82.5kg


Bio: Dan was the 2013/14 managers player of season with no complaints from anyone at the club. Dan is a versatile defender who can play at RB or CB and is equally adapted to either role, however Dan will be the first to admit his left foot certainly needs some work. Dan is definitely one of the loudest players in the team and regularly gets the lads going using an array of noises from the back. Dan keeps the defence motivated and always leads from the back. You will always know when Dan is around as you will hear various groans and most likely wrenching & heaving, however is is very normal. He is Very demanding in the air and will not give the opposition an easy ride. Dan will be hoping to keep his great form continuing on from last season, and even chip in with a few more goals.

Slowest Player Aaron Watts
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Callum Cavanagh
Loudest Ryan Elsbury
Worst Banter Ant Thomas
Most Skilful Cory Clark
Worst Habit My own retching