Josh Turner
Name: Josh Turner
Nickname: Timmy
Position: Winger
Age: 35
Nationality: English
Height: 6ft
Weight: 70kg


Bio: Josh is a incredibly hardworking winger who has improved immensely in the past two seasons. One of Joshs key attributes is his immense fitness level, in fact Josh prides himself on being one of the fitness members of the Bilbao squad. He credits his success to a clean life style & his regular cycling. Josh will be looking to cement his place in the starting 11 during the 2014/15 playing season.

Slowest Player Cory Clark. Who needs to run when youre goal hanging.
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes. If hes not moaning hes asleep or has no internet
Least Intelligent Aaron Watts. Im still flummoxed as to how hes made it this far.
Loudest Dan Meek. Kids got some lungs.
Worst Banter Josh Turner. I have zero banter. Zilch. Nothing.
Most Skilful Max Purnell. Likened to a blond, homeless version of Lee Trundle. But without the height or weight.
Worst Habit Ryan Elsbury. Fully addicted to being late.