Gareth Marshall
Name: Gareth Marshall
Nickname: G
Position: RB
Age: 38
Nationality: English
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 77kg


Bio: Gareth signed for Bilbao during the 2014 summer transfer window. He is looking forward to his first season with his new team mates after departing Old Corinthians. Gareth has known several members of the Bilbao playing squad for many years, which meant he was able to gel well with his new team mates and put in a eye catching preseason. Gareth has been likened to former Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson many times; however this is due his uncanny resemblance rather than his goal scoring abilities. Gareth is a steady full back who loves a cheeky dinked ball forward.

Slowest Player Matt House- Makes up for it with strength though.
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes- The kid just loves a whinge.
Least Intelligent Lewis Pearson-Based solely on his choice of chest tattoos.
Loudest Dan Meek- He even looks like the mouthy one.
Worst Banter All of the lads who support Arsenal- Deluded Fans.
Most Skilful Nick Joyce- Loves a nutmeg.
Worst Habit Nathan Stokes / Jack Kelly- Both have a tendency to wear a snood or gloves in mild weather.